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About Us

ABOUT US | Campbellsville Dental Care is a full-service dental office in Campbellsville, Kentucky. Dr. Taylor Cox and his team provide family, cosmetic and implant dentistry in a warm, comfortable environment, and empower patients to develop and maintain healthy mouths that last a lifetime. 

About Campbellsville Dental Care

“I hate going to the dentist!”

We’ve heard it before and, no, we aren’t offended. We get it. The dental chair is not a popular place. But at Campbellsville Dental Care, our goal is to make you feel comfortable, at home and confident from the moment you step into our office.  

The good news is, dental issues are among the most preventable disorders in the world. We believe that, by providing excellent, compassionate care and empowering our patients to live a healthy lifestyle, we can improve lives and prevent future issues.

We also know that when it comes to those all-too-common dental visit jitters, the look and feel of the office environment can be a major factor.  That’s why our reception area and treatment rooms were designed to feel less like a sterile medical facility and more like a place where you might spend time with family or friends. See below for some of our office features that can help you feel more at ease.

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Office Features

Sedation dentistry

Nervous about seeing the dentist, or had a previous negative experience? You’re not alone, and we can help your next appointment be a pleasant one with sedation that’s safe, easy and effective.

Digital X-Rays and photography

Digital x-rays require significantly less radiation than traditional film x-rays, and our intraoral cameras help you see what the dentist sees when making treatment decisions.

personalized music or television

Use the tablets in our treatment rooms to catch up on your favorite shows or zone out with your favorite tunes. Noise-cancelling headphones help you tune out those “dental” sounds most people dislike.

In-office dental savins plan

Dental insurance premiums are expensive, and don’t always offer the benefits you expect. Ask us about our simple, affordable in-house savings plan to help you get the care you need in a way that won’t break the budget.

Financing options

We understand that dental care, like any other type of medical care, involves a financial investment. To eliminate financial barriers to our patients receiving the best possible care, we offer multiple options for financing out-of-pocket treatment costs.

insurance and billing

We are in-network with most dental insurance providers. Don’t worry - if you have questions about your benefits, we can help. Even if we are not in your insurance company’s network, we will help file claims to allow you to take advantage of your benefits.

commitment to patient safety

The safety and wellness of our patients is the highest priority. Our office protocols for sterilizing instruments and cleaning treatment rooms meet and exceed all federal and state regulations for infection control.

fully-digital office

Less paper means more efficiency, less waste, and less expense. Monitors at each treatment room let you review x-rays, photos, and important documents at a moment’s notice.  And if you’re at the office with a friend or family member, feel free to use our Wi-Fi in our reception area.