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CU Students Take the #CDCPlaqueOutChallenge


Last weekend, we welcomed Campbellsville University's freshmen to town as part of CU's "Main Event" on Main Street. As students walked around Main Street, we invited students to drop by our office to take the “Plaque-Out Challenge”. College students are at an exceptionally high risk to develop dental decay, bacterial infections and inflammation of the gum tissue, and other oral health problems due to - let’s be honest - a garbage-disposal-type-diet (college kids will eat anything if it’s free!) and a tendency to neglect oral hygiene habits.

To help make students aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth, we had the students apply a plaque-showing stain in the mouth that makes any plaque or bacterial accumulation turn a bright purple color. That will get your attention!! The stain is easy to brush off, but it shows how much bacteria can congregate on the teeth and gums. Participants took a photo and tagged Campbellsville Dental Care on social media and were entered to win a $200 Amazon gift card.

The lucky winner was Alexus Hunt, a freshman at CU! We really enjoyed spending time with the students, and we hope it was an eye-opening experience. We’re looking forward to doing it again next year!