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Oral Wellness

ORAL WELLNESS | We know that the health of the mouth and the health of the body are linked and greatly impact one another. At Campbellsville Dental Care, we strive to provide treatment that is holistic and comprehensive to help you achieve a higher level of wellness. 

Oral Wellness

For far too long, dentistry and medicine have been considered two completely separate fields. Recently, physicians and dentists have begun paying more attention to how the health of the mouth and the whole body are connected. The bottom line? A body cannot be considered healthy if infection or inflammation exists in the mouth. More and more, we’re seeing how oral health (or lack thereof) can greatly impact and predict total-body wellness. That’s why we make it our top priority to understand that relationship fully, and use that information to develop and maintain healthy people with healthy mouths.

Now, we know that medical discussions can get complicated very quickly, so we keep it simple by focusing on three basic functions for life:

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The food we eat has profound, head-to-toe impact on our bodies. Modern, processed diets have proven to be incredibly damaging to both oral health and overall body health.  We can help you identify areas where your diet may have a negative effect on your oral and systemic health, and provide coaching for a healthier lifestyle.

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Most of us probably don’t give our breathing a second thought - it’s such a routine part of living. But incorrect breathing can cause issues with sleep, stress and energy levels. The growth and development of the mouth plays a large role in how airways develop and, in turn, how we breathe. We can help uncover airway problems in growing kids and full-grown adults and develop a plan with our medical colleagues to promote proper breathing.  

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Most of us fail to get the recommended amount of sleep, or struggle to experience high-quality rest that’s truly restorative.  Sleep disorders are related to a number of different oral health factors, including airway constrictions, GERD and acid reflux, tooth grinding, and temporomandibular disorders. If you’re experiencing any of these, we can screen for sleep disorders as part of your oral exam, and then partner with sleep physicians to help you get a better night’s sleep.