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2017 Christmas Gift-Giving Guide

We’ve all been there. It’s December, your gift-giving list continues to grow, and you’re simply running out of ideas. To help, we've rounded up some of our favorite items for--you guessed it--the gift of a beautiful smile. From the tiniest members of your family to your furry friends, we wish you happy shopping and healthy mouths! 


For the gadget lover:

1. Waterpik: Few things are more uncomfortable (not to mention more harmful to the health of your mouth) than having food, plaque and bacteria stuck between the teeth. But surveys consistently show that people don’t like flossing. A Waterpik is an easy and effective way to clean out those spaces where toothbrush bristles can’t reach, and will leave your loved one with a cleaner mouth, healthy smile and fresh breath. Waterpik offers both countertop and portable models - take a look and see what works best for you!

2. Electric toothbrush: similar to a Waterpik, an electric toothbrush like those from Sonicare or Oral-B make  daily brushingmuch easier and often more effective. There are a wide range of models and price ranges to choose from. My advice? Find something at a comfortable price point and give it a whirl. You don’t need all the latest features to get an effective clean.

For young smiles:

3. The Brushies: We get it - most kids hate brushing. If you have a youngster who's still learning to brush, check out The Brushies. A family dentist and family psychologist teamed up to make these “finger puppet” style toothbrushes that accompany fun story books to make brushing your tiny tot’s teeth a little less tedious.

4. Dr. Brown’s: Ask any parent, and you’ll hear about the overwhelming amount of products out there for babies - teethers, pacifiers, bottles. Dr. Brown’s is a company started by pediatric dentists that offers a full line of products to promote proper development and nutrition in babies and toddlers. Their teethers are freezer-safe and specifically designed for your baby or toddler’s stage of development, and their staged pacifiers help you soothe your little one without introducing the risk of improper facial development sometimes caused by pacifier/thumb sucking.

Stocking stuffers:

5. GUM Soft-Picks: Dentists have been telling patients to floss for decades. Very few comply. Not even every dentist complies. I recommend giving these small, silicone brushes a try. They gently clean out the spaces where your toothbrush can’t reach, they are much easier to use than floss, and you can reuse them several times - just rinse them off after each use!

6. Quip: Interested in an electric toothbrush, but not ready to invest in a high-end model? Check out Quip, a scrappy startup that offers simple, but well-designed electric toothbrushes at a great price ($25 for their base model). The brushes have silicone bristles (easy to keep clean), and come with a travel pack and toothpaste. You can even sign up for a $5 refill every three months that will automatically send a new silicone brush head.

7. Sugar free gum: Quick and easy. Grab some sugar free gum for a satisfying taste and clean feeling in the mouth without the risk of decay and oral disease that high-sugar snacks can cause.

Best Splurge Item:

8. Custom Whitening: An attractive smile is something that most of us desire, and the first step is often to do some whitening of your natural teeth. If you have a loved one who's dreaming of a whitened Christmas, consider a gift certificate for one of our custom whitening treatments. We offer both take-home and in-office application options, so call our office for more details.  

Best value:

9. Dental Savings Plan: A dental insurance plan can be very expensive, and doesn’t always cover the treatments or procedures you need. Our in-office Dental Savings Plan will help your loved ones cover annual exams and the preventive treatment they need at a lower cost, and provide any additional treatment at a discounted rate. Call us to learn more, and find out how this option is a gift that just keeps giving.

For pets:

10. Greenies: Don’t forget about your furry friend’s dental health! Dogs and cats are not immune to tooth decay and periodontal disease. Greenies are a popular canine dental treat that help your pet avoid cavities, tartar and abscesses.

Taylor Cox