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Open House!

One recent Friday evening, my wife Morgan and I were at the office late while I attempted to wrap up the seemingly endless list of things to do for a new business. The to-do list kept us there later into the evening than I'd intended - not the best start to a weekend. Luckily, when we walked out the front door of the practice, we walked right up the street to a pretty charming scene: rows of tents with locals selling produce, clothing, candles, and jewelry, one fellow whose sign advertised the "best granola on planet Earth," and all-you-can-sample dips and spreads at The White Orchid. And believe me, I sampled. And sampled and sampled. Of course, the savory smells of the smoker at Brothers wafted over it all. Market Off Main was in full swing, and it was just what the doctor ordered at the end of a busy work week.

There's one final Market Off Main of the season, and this time we're jumping in on the fun! Join us for an open house on October 27 to tour our office, grab a quick bite and learn more about the ways we can serve you and your family. We have been hard at work preparing the office, and we could not be more excited to throw the doors open for you to check us out! More details can be found on our Facebook page. We hope to see you there!

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