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My vision for Campbellsville Dental Care

Toward the end of my dental training at the University of Kentucky, I began to think about the possibility of returning to Campbellsville to practice dentistry. I grew up in Taylor County, spent Friday nights under the bright lights of a football field, met my wife in the high school halls. It was home, and I wanted to return. The question, as it always seems to be, was how?

As I started to imagine a move back home, my vision of a practice also began to take shape. I developed a passion for dentistry for three main reasons. First and foremost, dentistry gave me the opportunity to create long-lasting relationships with patients. Second, I began to understand that a healthy mouth has a remarkable impact on a person's psychological well-being and self-esteem. Finally, I began to fully understand that the health of the mouth is profoundly and intrinsically linked to overall health.  I realized that, as a profession, we could do more than just “drill and fill” - we could help people live healthier, happier lives. These ideas have and continue to shape my perspective as a dentist, and my goals for a practice.

As my vision became clearer, I dreamed of a practice where patients didn’t have to dread their appointments, but felt that they were entering a comfortable environment where their concerns and individual needs were considered. I wanted to practice dentistry in a way that inspired confidence and motivated patients to take control of their oral health. Above all else, I wanted to help people get their mouths (and bodies) healthy.

Armed with a passion for the profession and a clear vision of my dream practice, I was still faced with the how? of creating a practice I could be proud of in my hometown. During my residency training at the University of Florida, my wife and I made a return trip to Campbellsville to visit family for Thanksgiving. Walking along Main Street, we both admired the history on display and felt the excitement of the recent revitalization of downtown Campbellsville. Along the way, I quite literally bumped into David Nunery, who was preparing to retire from his law practice and vacate his beautiful, hundred-year-old building on East Main Street. Our eyebrows raised, and our pulses quickened. What better place to create an office with an environment that feels like home? Bob Seger’s “Down on Main Street” may have begun playing in my head!


Almost a year later, the vision that started to form several years ago has become a reality. Through an incredible amount of work, and with the help of countless fine members of Taylor County’s community, we are ready to open the doors of Campbellsville Dental Care. We strive to be more than just the place you dutifully go for your cleanings or to ease a toothache. We aim to help our patients get back in control of their oral health. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, compassionate care in a relaxed, comfortable setting. And we promise to take the time to help educate and equip our patients with the skills to maintain a healthy mouth for a lifetime.

It is a true joy to be back in Campbellsville, and I would be honored to have you join our practice.

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Taylor Cox